Saturday, October 13, 2012

#4 Martina Milova

Martina Milova

Who is Martina? :  Film Maker, Bartender


- Pen; Sailor, extra fine nib
- Paper; Moleskine and others

*this picture is overexposed for reason. not so perfect!

1.  Small leather pocket book
    - Her income and expence
    - to do
 Recently she bought a old BMW motorcycle. The sticker on the pocket book is from Motor Grrl.

2. Pink Notebook from Vienna
    - Daily planner she uses as everyday to do list

3. Small notebook that has bird on the cover
    - for everything
She writes everything there. She writes names of the people she appreciates.

4. Large leather covered notebook
    - for writing everything
At the first page of the notebook, she welcomed this notebook writing "welcome to new family", she greets.

5. Cork skin notebook
    - For her ideas and spiritual use
When she was confused, she wrote there.
First, her writing was in German, and from one page, it switched to English. Martina explained  that one day she watched Super Bowl and her mind language switched.

6.  Black Sketchbook
    - for her ideas

7. School notebooks from Slovakia - Large
    - morning notebook
She writes three pages when she woke up to keep her outflow of the mind.

8. School notebook from Slovakia - Small
    - Diary

9. Three Moleskine Cahier Large plain notebook
    - Collection of her favorite things

10. Large daily planner
      - used as a diary
She wrote quotes from books, stapled movie tickets and receipts, and wrote what she did that day.
It's exactly like her log.

11. Moleskine Classic Extra Large soft cover plain notebook
      - Started for Film ideas, and scripts, then she starts using for everything.
She describes this large-plain notebook as "diary substitute", as she writing her favorite music, films, books, etc...

--------------------  ---  --- ------------------------- --- --- ------------------------- --- --- ----------------------

At her favorite coffee shop Grounded, Martina showed me many MANY wonderful!! Writing is her therapy. " I write, write, and continue writing...and at the end of the day, I feel okay". I'm happy to participate her film "It Feels Good To Be Better"

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